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What encoder is the best to provide smooth movements

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Joined: 23 Jul 2003
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PostPosted: Thu 24 Jul 2003, 16:16    Post subject: What encoder is the best to provide smooth movements Reply with quote


I'm using Premiere 6.5 to capture my TRV Sony30 to avi. Then edit the clip.

No mater what encoder I use (CCE 2.66 plugin, Adobe encoder, TMPENC via avisyth frame server) and no matter what main setup I went thru (CBR, VBR 2 pass, 3 pass) and the bitrate I set upto 8000. I still get jerky (more or less) in playing back (for fast moving or pan scenes). I meant I can never get the video as smooth as the news broadcast in TV. If I connect my Cam directly to TV, I don't get that "jerky".

I set GOP to 15 and always turn on Detect new scene to insert new "I" frame. I also set Bottom (or lower) field first (for DV)

My questions are:

(1) Is my TRV30 only can provide that jerky footage (?) It is a ONE CCD cam
(2) If not, then what encoder is the best for home use DVD (I don't mind about encoding speed, let it go over night).

I read all posts, from this site and others, read all instructions, try all configurations, still can not get the quality to the level which I expect. To compare my DVD and the one dump down to VHS tape, the DVD is a lot clearer, more colorful, but the tape is a lot smoother! (OF Course, I do't want to go back ward to the tape!

Another question about recording:

If I record indoor naturally, the faces of people are kind of "dark" (I set to portrait, spot light, sport ...) do not get better. Then I turn on my 50 Watt cam light , the faces become too RED !!! I do not get a natural color of the skin! What should I do?

Thanks for any reply and instruction
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Joined: 04 Feb 2003
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Location: Lisboa, Portugal

PostPosted: Fri 25 Jul 2003, 17:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

Make sure that you're not deinterlacing the image anywhere along the way. Also, make sure you did not record in "progressive scan" mode (I don't know if the TRV-30 supports that, but I know some Sony models do).

Doing either of these things will mean you only get half the updates per second which will make the motion less fluid.

If you are sure everything is set to full resolution, interlaced video and you still notice stuttering, try reversing the field order in TMPGEnc.

Also, note that if you play the DVD on your PC, you'll only see half the frames (due to the way most software DVD players perform deinterlacing). To get fluid motion you need to play it on a set-top player, connected to a TV.

To correct the colour you need to adjust the camera's white balance. You should have at least three settings: sunlight (outdoors), tungsten (indoors) and manual (possibly other modes such as "fluorescent" and "shade"). You can leave the white balance set to automatic, but the camera won't always detect the correct one, so it's best to set it manually, depending on the lighting. Manual will give you the best results, but it requires some extra work.

Look in the camera's manual (under "white balance") for more details.

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Joined: 23 Jul 2003
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Tue 29 Jul 2003, 21:36    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks RMN.
All yours advices go to my Bible now.
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Joined: 22 Sep 2003
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PostPosted: Mon 22 Sep 2003, 10:01    Post subject: jerky video on DVD Reply with quote

I post a reply on this topic because I experience similar issues.

I have a Canon MiniDV camera and the recorded video is pin sharp and crisp when played back using the analog output from the camcorder to the TV Very Happy

Then I transfer via firewire and edit it using Pinnacle Studio 8 (8.8.14). I export as MAKE AVI using Studio default DV Codec.

In TMPGEnc I follwed this guide setting field Bottom (DV source), 2-pass VBR with average=6000 and peak=8000, DC=10, max motion search (slowest). Until now I did not change anything on the Q matrix (default) and GOP structure (IPBPBPB... default setting when using the DVD-PAL wizard) with automatic scene detection enabled.

Once encoded in MPEG, I author using Studio8 or MyDVD. I prefer Studio8 because I have spent money for it and I want to take advantage of chapters, menus, thumbnails, etc. but sometimes it re-encodes the MPEG's (there is a whole thread on this in Pinnacle webforum). MyDVD came free with my DVD Burner and guarantees that no reeoncoding takes place on my MPEG's from TMPGenc. So I use both to be sure that I get the MPEG's as encoded by TMPGenc.

Once burnt, I play the DVD on my Pioneer TV player. All commercial DVD's are seen at top quality, just to state that TV and player are working fine.

Compared to the original MiniDV analog output seen on tv, the results with my own DVD are very good in sections when background is still and during zooming. On the contrary, during panning (left / right or bottom / up or viceversa) I get:

- digital noise in uniform colour areas, like sky. This is in the form of short vertical segments of artifacts, like 8-10 pixels of noise in vertical.

- quantisation blocking/blurring effect: there are several squared blocks which are out of focus or lack of details. This happens especially when background has details, like trees/leaves against blue sky or a brick-wall of a castle. The deails disapper and get blurred in squared blocks. It is very annoying and disturbuing for the eyes.

I tried setting a GOP as IPPPP, still with 6000/8000 VBR but the result shows more digital noise and blurring / blocking effects. Reading from other threads in this forum, I imagine it may be due to too many I frames.

Shall I use the "I/P only" button instead?

Shall I try and use TOP Field (but my Canon is a MiniDV so it shall be bottom)? I am using INTERLACED mode on both the Canon at recording and on TMPGenc so I think I shall stick to the BOTTOM setting.

Which is the final solution for settings for a DVD pin-sharp as commercial DVD's? Is this something really achievable with TMPGenc? otherwise I am really thinkning that home editing is not a product yet Sad

Thanks a lot, I am getting crazy for good DVD results!

Best regards

A Gallo, Italy
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Joined: 10 Sep 2003
Posts: 16

PostPosted: Mon 22 Sep 2003, 18:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Exclamation
I think, what better is "I/P only". I use 1-I, 12-P and 0-B (because "detect scene change" is on). "Field B" and "interlaced" for DVD-Video is OK. Maybe another settings ir wrong, your capture program have problem. You can also use different filters for encoding.
Myself use TMPGEnc 2.520 and for encoding 6000-7000 VRB (4000-6000 low/ 8000 high) and I have'nt problem yet Cool
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